Tropical Set of 3D-printet Deckard Shoe Charms

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One of a kind 3D Printed set of Deckard Shoe Charm with Tropical Motif. 

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Going on vacation to the tropical resort but your old slippers looks a bit too casual?

Don't worry! We have something that will make them look outrageous and original. You just can't go wrong with our set of unique shoe charms! Made of transparent blue resin and covered with beautiful patterns our charms are the first 3D printed shoe accessories with such properties. They are durable and water-resistant so you can just go ahead and jump straight into the pool wearing them on your slippers. The perfectly fit original Crocs holes and other shoes of this kind. The best part of them is the tactile colorful texture on the top. Give them a try and you won't regret it! 

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width 25mm
height 25mm
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