Full-color 2.5D printing
on metal

Create a unique, beautifully-designed metal accessory with us. Carry out
your own project or entrust this task to our team, who will make a
prototype according to your guidelines. 

We offer exclusive products such as bottle openers, interior decors, metal
accessories, and decorative elements for various devices - all with
personalized, full-color, 2.5D tactile texture. Among the users of our
services, you will find companies and manufacturers from various industries
who want to stand out in business, increase sales and build a strong brand
position through innovative products. 

Functional prototype Orders from 1 piece

Functional prototype
Orders from 1 piece

Short lead time Polish quality

Short lead time
Polish quality

Low costs even for small batches

Low costs even for
small batches

A colorful butterfly on metal with a 3d imprintA colorful butterfly on metal with a 3d imprint
Colorful bracelet with 3d printColorful bracelet with 3d print

Full-color 3D printing
components and finished

Order unique jewelry semi-products (charms, pendants for earrings,
pendants, etc.) and fashionable clothing and footwear accessories (charms
for crocs, buttons, shoelaces decorations, etc.). Show us your project or
let our team bring your idea to life. 

We provide our service to wholesalers, large jewelry companies, reputable jewelry brands, and enthusiasts (creators of handmade jewelry). You will
receive globally unique semi-finished products, and create unique pieces of jewelry art, thanks to which you will stand out in the market and increase
sales. We can also make other colorful products and designer items - for various industries.

Functional prototype Orders from 1 piece

Any color and texture
Exceptional durability

Short lead time
Polish quality

Low price
Short lead time

Low costs even for small batches

(custom design, logo, text)

Bring your
original project
to life in a few
simple steps

Mail Request

Quotation with a rough

Approval of the project

Prepayment for the order

Production process


Execution time after the
acceptance of the project
and payment is 4 to 7
working days

Princing - each project is treated individually

The valuation consists of:

  • the quantity of the order
  • the size and the complexity of the project
  • additional post-processing

For orders under 100 pieces, there is an additional $10 fee related to project preparation and production. 

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