Skull beer opener for real tough guys

A tattoo, a motorcycle, in rock'n'roll speakers and ... an original skull-shaped beer opener is the perfect set for real hardcore fans, adrenaline fans, lovers of extreme adventures and psst! crowning men's meeting.

The bottle opener in the form of a skull is an original manifestation of your strong character. This is a luxurious gadget only for the brave.

You like dark style, you need an original Halloween gadget, you want to express your strong character - you should definitely check out our skull beer openers.

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This bottle opener will express your inner strength in an original way

  • Heavy, massive steel with exceptional durability will last until the end of any event.
  • Interesting colors, stylish patterns. Skulls in various colors, satanic, Aztec, motorcycle, marijuana motifs, Mexican style with warm, saturated colors.
  • Every detail is noticeable in the hand thanks to the convexity.
  • Handy openers that fit perfectly in your hand. It doesn’t slip out of the fingers.
  • It opens bottle after bottle quickly and effortlessly.
  • Always close to you, in the most important moments of your life.
  • Bottle openers with fridge magnet, pocket, backpack or bag compartment. It takes up little space.
  • It makes an impression in the company, it's your luxury accessory, which says: I have strength, I am invincible, I am not afraid of challenges.
  • Perfect for a gift: practical and elegant.

Exclusive bottle openers it's more than just a bottle opener. These are luxurious gadgets that will emphasize your strong self.


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