Incense Stick Holder Palm

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The most beautiful incense holder – hand with splendid and colourful palmistry design.

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Some force majeure tells that you’re a wiccan decor and dark academia lover – aren’t you? Is the incense burner an essential element of your private space? Are you familiar with palmistry and would like to unwind your spiritual side? We’ve got something magical for you – a stunning incense holder with an evil eye hamsa design. We believe it will astonish every dark academia decor enthusiast. Watch this palmistry hand closer – we used only premium materials to craft a top-end incense tray with the highest quality UV palmistry print. This incense stick holder will steal the show in your bedroom or living room and add some spiritual vibes to your everyday surroundings. The unique and unusual palmistry hand black theme can perfectly complete your wiccan or dark academia home style and become the frosting on the cake. The fate is in your hands – add to the cart and check out the hottest type of wiccan art in 2021!

More Information
width 172mm
height 96mm
Thickness 1,5mm
color black
pattern palm reading
Material metal
Purpose incense stand
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