Full-color 3D printing

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The technology of full-color 3D printing is used in the automotive, aerospace, yacht and jewelry industries. Our offer includes the production of finished products, components and semi-finished goods for the manufacture of equipment, utility articles or decorations.

What distinguishes us:

  • Full palette of printing colors - with shading and gradient.

  • Unprecedented precision - precise execution of details.

  • Low batch production at low cost.

  • Attractive price, quick realization - available for every industry.

  • Unlimited design possibilities - any texture, color, graphics.
3D-printed GAMING theme crocs charms, jibbitz, shoe accessories.3D-printed GAMING theme crocs charms, jibbitz, shoe accessories.
Wall decor, metal butterflyWall decor, metal butterfly

Full-color 3D printing on metal

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We create spectacular metal decorations and accessories including bottle openers, keychains, indestructible decorative cards, incense holders, candle stands, plant tags, and monumental wall decor.

What makes us different:

  • Full-color projecting print, with shading, gradient.

  • High-quality stainless steel, aluminum or copper.

  • Any tactile surface, with gloss effect.

  • Precise details.

  • Products of any shape and size.

Stand out in the market by offering
original products

We are looking forward to cooperating with companies and manufacturers from various industries. Our offer includes original
products with an exceptional design, unprecedented quality, and reliability, which are new on the market. Thanks to them you will
reach new customers, increase sales and strengthen the position of your brand.

Full personalization of the ICONFull personalization of the ICON

Fully customizable
Any design, logo, text

Orders from 1 piece  of the ICONOrders from 1 piece  of the ICON

Orders from 1 piece
up to several thousand

Fastest delivery time of the ICONFastest delivery time of the ICON

Fastest delivery time
within 4 working days

Polish manufacturer of the ICONPolish manufacturer of the ICON

Polish manufacturer
Highest quality

Batch orders of the ICONBatch orders of the ICON

Batch orders
No warehousing

Full support of the ICONFull support of the ICON

Full support
Professional advice

Cooperation step by step

Getting to know the needs step 1Getting to know the needs step 1
Preparing the project step 2Preparing the project step 2
Creative ideas step 3Creative ideas step 3

We identify your needs and expectations

A good project never comes out of nowhere. It is a result of the work of many people striving to create something unique. This is the first step to successful cooperation, where we gather as much information as we can to understand the needs and expectations of the client.


We need a few days to prepare the project. This is the time when we check what options we have and do some creative brainstorming.

Inspiration time

The design department is getting ready for a wild ride - a creative product idea is the result of our many hours of searching for inspiration, creating concept boards, and gathering experience while developing other projects.

Projects step 4Projects step 4
Production step 5Production step 5
Creative ideas step 3Creative ideas step 3

Designing in progress

A visualization forms in your head, and thoughts swirl like crazy around the details of the project. But this is only the beginning. It is time to use tools and programs that will allow you to bring your idea to life. 


We work comprehensively - so after the design stage we can proceed to production and implementation of your project. This way you save time, because you do not have to look for various contractors.


You already know all the steps.
Create a revolutionary new product on the market with us. 

Tell us about your idea 

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