1. 3D-like printing on metal - unprecedented possibilities, full-color components of high durability


    Our technology of 3D-like printing on metal opens up entirely new possibilities for companies, manufacturers, or craftsmen looking for personalized products with exceptional mechanical properties and outstanding aesthetics. We are changing the way metal components are produced by combining CNC techniques with 3D-like printing - this gives us the ability to create durable components with unique tactile textures and an incredible range and depth of colors.

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  2. New possibilities in the jewelry industry - full-color 3D printed elements for jewelry making

    new-possibilities-in the-jewelry-industry-full-color-3d-printed-elements-for-jewelry-making

    Full-color 3D printing gives us great possibilities in creating original and remarkable elements for jewelry - with this technological solution we can offer you full-color semi-products, with different types of finishing, which are also, exceptionally durable, lightweight, and skin-safe. We create both jewelry and ready-made components for it, with the imitation of any texture, in various shapes and a full range of colors, which arouse the admiration among enthusiasts of unusual forms and original designs. We will execute your project from A to Z, and bring your idea to life by supplying you with unique jewelry products created according to your concept.

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  3. Christmas gift ideas - 6 unique offers

    Christmas gift ideas - 6 unique offers

    You feel like you buy the same things every year. Jewellery, cosmetics, books. You want to break with routine and come up with an idea for Christmas gifts with a huge WOW effect. Let us help you. We’ve prepared 8 amazing Christmas gifts especially for you - exclusive, durable, beautiful, with metal polish, tactile. This is an incredible sensual journey that doesn't end with Christmas. These emotions do not fade away. The thrill carries on. 

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  4. Christmas presents. Luxurious gifts for her, for him

    Christmas presents. Luxurious gifts for her, for him

    Soon you will smell fragrant candles, your eyes will be delighted with the sight of a spruce garland encircling the balustrade, and socks hanging over the fireplace, in which you will put smaller, but very unique gifts. Just gifts! This is the perfect time to start planning your gift list. We have offers for you with unique Christmas gifts - original gadgets, luxurious decorations, practical and stylish home and garden accessories. For her and for him.

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  5. Halloween ideas for adults. An elegant party with class

    Halloween ideas for adults. An elegant party with class

    Halloween party 2021 - it’ll be an unforgettable night for adults. Halloween is not only a group of kids with pumpkin baskets screaming trick or treat. Adults are also having great fun, in spooky costumes, with devilishly good makeup, raising mugs of beer for a night full of excitement. In order for the Halloween party to be really scary and elegant, you have to refine every detail, organize it with a devilish plan. We have some interesting inspirations for you, be sure to check - how to organize a halloween party 2021 in good taste.

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  6. Gadgets for Halloween party - terrrrribly cool skulls

    Gadgets for Halloween party 2021

    Wraiths invited, dead makeup done, dark music fills the house. He is scared. You just miss out on awfully cool Halloween gadgets that will turn your apartment into a haunted horror movie house. We've become good spirits for a while and have compiled for you a list of top Halloween gadgets 2021 without which this spooky party cannot take place. These are terrifying skulls in various forms.

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