The colorful evolution of full-color 3D printing

,, Create colorful jewelry components and promotional products according to your individual needs "

We are well aware of the great role played by colors. Their proper selection and application affect not only aesthetic qualities but also brand identification, which in today’s world plays an extremely important role. Let’s imagine that the Coca-Cola logo, instead of its typical red and white colors, takes on a different blue-red-white color scheme. Well, such a visual combination, tends to be associated with another brand, more specifically with Coca-Cola’s main competitor, Pepsi. With this in mind, we have put a lot of effort into enabling our customers to customize the color of the products they order from us.

A long journey with a colorful showdown

Colors hold great power, nevertheless, at the beginning of our adventure with the creation of jewelry components, we did not fully realize this. In addition, we did not have a developed method for coloring solids. As a result, the prototypes of our first products were mainly monochromatic, and their patterns and shapes were rather simple. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

First prototypes of jewelry components.

As with everything, the beginning was the hardest. The first attempts to color the material resulted in failures in the production process. Models either did not want to print, or their hues were not satisfying. Fortunately, thanks to our specialists' efforts, we overcame the problems and developed an effective method for creating multi-colored solids. In this way, full-color 3D printing became truly colorful. All this, in order to make our products stand out in terms of unique design against the competition and please the eye of our customers.

New production capabilities mean more customization options

Today, after making hundreds of prototypes and countless tests, our awareness of the capabilities we have and the resource of various technological solutions are at a completely different level. Enriched with this knowledge, we create products that catch the eye not only with innovation, but also, with beautiful designs, unusual shapes, and, above all, COLORS.

Jewelry components made of colorful material.

When ordering, in addition to selecting a 2.5D shape and texture on the surface, our customers like to choose the appropriate colors for their products. Such a procedure significantly improves the identification of a given product with the brand and positively affects sales. The colorful realizations include:

  • bracelet charms,
  • earrings,
  • pins,
  • fridge magnets,
  • shoelace and crocs charms,
  • promotional products,
  • personalized buttons.
Colorful charms for 2.5D textured bracelet.

Grow your business with Deckard Design

We work with clients from various industries, from marketing companies to jewelry manufacturers. Customers appreciate the freedom and ease of creating the products they need. They have an active influence on the process of developing the product, thus deciding on its final appearance. Thanks to direct contact with us – that is, the manufacturer – they can purchase low batches of selected goods on an ongoing basis, so they don’t have to worry about deliveries from China, as well as about warehousing and the need to order large quantities.

What does it look like in practice? We incorporate the most unusual projects for which the traditional solutions available so far were insufficient. We execute orders for all kinds of products where highlighted features count:

  • full-range of colors
  • durable surface
  • tactile 2.5D texture
  • fast order processing and affordable price of low-batch runs
  • no design or form constraints

It’s really easy! All you need to do is contact us via the form in the CONTACT section, email, or phone and give us an idea for your own product or personalization of the existing ones.

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