Gadgets for Halloween party 2021

Wraiths invited, dead makeup done, dark music fills the house. He is scared. You just miss out on awfully cool Halloween gadgets that will turn your apartment into a haunted horror movie house. We've become good spirits for a while and have compiled for you a list of top Halloween gadgets without which this spooky party cannot take place. These are terrifying skulls in various forms.

TOP 10 Halloween gadgets. Skull is smoking. Just power

#1 Skull beer opener - our favorite

The skull beer opener is a scary gadget that is a must-have for a good Halloween party. He opens the dark night with a pleasant toast. It is massive and heavy, made of durable, solid steel, it fits perfectly into the Halloween atmosphere. It has a lot of interesting patterns and details, and comes in various color versions.

You predict that this night:

  • can be very dark - you choose a satanic beer opener,
  • will be crazy - you choose a beer opener with a marijuana theme,
  • it's going to be a dance of colors - you choose a Mexican-style beer opener.

The beer opener awakens the senses and heightens the terror. You shiver as you feel every part of the skull in your hand. This is possible thanks to the convexity on the surface of the opener, which is easily felt to the touch.

This amazing Halloween gadget is reliable, easily opens bottle after bottle, fits perfectly in your hand, and does not slip. It's the size of a credit card, so it fits easily in your wallet.

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Skull beer opener

Skull beer opener DeckardDesign

#2 The Skull Mug - A great duo with a beer opener. The party goes on ...

A mighty mug with a scary-looking skull and a bone-shaped handle is a spooky Halloween gadget. A sip of beer from such a mug is like a bloody toast with a vampire.

The Skull Mug

# 3 Teaspoon Skull - This is what Halloween night tastes like

The most terrible demons will come to this feast. They will feed on your fear. The teaspoon of skull is a must have on the Halloween table.

Teaspoon Skull

#4 Skull candles. It's gonna be hot as hell tonight

Flaming skulls on Halloween night are the announcement of a hellishly hot party. It will be happening. Menacing Halloween gadgets light up into the night of the scare. Witches, ghosts and ghouls come out.

Skull candles

#5 The skull tea infuser. Killer taste

Tea infuser skull and bones. On Halloween night you will make killer tea. Nobody can resist this tasting. The taste will be overwhelming.

 The skull tea infuser

#6 Clothes hanger with a skull. Let the guests hang :)

The hanger invites you to hang. He welcomes the arriving wraiths and invites you to a hell of a good Halloween party. She won't let you leave before midnight.

Clothes hanger with a skull

#7 A hard-boiled egg shaped like a skull. A gadget for real tough guys

A hard-boiled egg from the head is a huge Halloween treat. A meal full of emotions. Leave a seat at the table, guests from the afterlife will surely come.

 A hard-boiled egg shaped like a skull

#8 Skull corkscrew. Screw someone at the Halloween party

The must-have glass of wine and the must-have skull opener on Halloween night. It can not be otherwise. Let's raise a toast at midnight, let the thrills stay with us until dawn.

Skull corkscrew.

#9 Knife holder with a white skull. Drive the knife straight into the skull

Knives deeply stuck in the skull, on the counter in the kitchen ... Oh, a drastic sight, only for people with strong nerves. Halloween gadgets will make the party really hot.

 Knife holder with a white skull.


#10 Skull USB Flash Drive. You will remember this night for a long time

It will be material for a good movie, actually a good horror movie. The Dark Skull will keep the entire story of Halloween night. Fear to be afraid to recreate it.

Skull USB Flash Drive.

Of course, the list of these 10 Halloween gadgets doesn't end there. There are a plethora of them. From monster masks, witch hats, to artificial scars and vampire fangs. We focused on skulls, because first of all - we love them, they inspire us to create fiendishly good beer openers, and secondly - without a skull, there is no ghastly night. This is the main Halloween gadget.