"Meet Deckard Design and their innovative full-color 2.5D printing applications on metal"

Indestructible bottle openers, keychains, inimitable decorative cards, incense holders, tea-light stands, plant tags, and monumental wall decors - all in full space color printed on high-quality stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Deckard Design uses original technology to produce spectacular decorations and metal objects that combine incredible design with exceptional strength and durability.

Steel butterfly, with 2.5D full-color print applied to half

What makes Deckard Design different from other companies?

The Deckard Design team originates from Modern Forms, a leading European manufacturer of medals and commemorative trophies, which was the first company to develop a technique for applying colored, structured prints to metal surfaces. In the fall of 2020. - the founder of Modern Forms - Marcin Bosek, founded a second company, specializing in the production of utility gadgets, accessories, and home decor items. Since then, Deckard Design has been expanding sales worldwide, offering a broad portfolio of unique products to customers in the US, UK, Germany, France, and Italy.

Although printing on metal may seem relatively simple at first glance, the vast majority of leading manufacturers of industrial 2.5D printing systems were in fact very skeptical about the idea. Unlike paper, wood, stone, or plastic, the perfectly smooth surface of the metal is very problematic because the applied prints have little durability and are easily damaged mechanically. Deckard Design has developed an innovative approach to this problem in the area of so-called pre-processing and parameterization of the very application of dyes on metal, making them highly robust and possible to remove only with grinding tools (which at the same time damage the metal itself). As a result, an "ordinary piece of metal" becomes a stylish and aesthetic product that is durable and functional for years of use.

The potential of full-color, 2.5D printing from Deckard Design

The technology of full-color 2.5D spatial printing on metal allows the creation of:

  • any spatial structure, clearly palpable to the touch and shimmering in the light
  • vivid, deep colored graphics, with the possibility of shading and creating subtle tonal transitions (gradients)
  • perfectly precise and refined details
  • products of any shape and size
  • products with high mechanical strength and resistance to external factors - weather
  • products of versatile use in many industries.

The first flagship products of Deckard Design were bottle openers imitating, for example, occasional playing cards. Over time, the manufacturer's offer has expanded to include several hundred other items, such as key chains, desk ornaments, incense, tea-light holders, wall decorations, and garden accessories

Steel bottle opener with half printed pattern
Card-shaped bottle opener with green tactile texture in classic style
Christmas lantern

This naturally stimulated the company's innovation - for example, while creating larger and larger wall decorations in the form of paintings, it turned out that stainless steel was too heavy for this type of application. So the company used much lighter aluminum while modifying and adapting its technology for this material

Large aluminum wall decor with tactile poker pattern

Another major innovation was the introduction of copper. Copper oxidizes over time, so the problem of print permanence had to be solved first. After many technological tests and conceptual trials Deckard Design refined the production process to create phenomenally beautiful applications, becoming the only company in the world to use printing on copper in this way.

Copper wall decor with 2.5D texture

Deckard Design does not focus solely on decorations and accessories - the company's design department is constantly working on innovative projects, finding new areas of application for its technology. The latest applications include, for example, 2.5D printed components for electronic cases, metal signage, logos, nameplates, etc. or the following amplifier case panel.

3d printing on metal
Copper nameplate

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