The innovative technology of full-color 3D printing creates completely new opportunities for companies from various industries. It is in fact a milestone of sorts, as there is no limitation in terms of color - we can create full-color 3D printing with shading, and color toning, with above-average and remarkable mechanical properties. Thanks to the technology we use, full-color elements made of various types of synthetic materials can be used as components or finished products, which in addition to their utility value, will also feature a beautiful design. In addition, we are able to produce small series of products at a low cost.

  • A full palette of printing colors - with shading, gradient
  • Unprecedented precision - precisely crafted details
  • Low-volume production at a low cost
  • Low price, quick execution - available for every industry
  • Unlimited design possibilities - any texture, color, graphics

Unlike other colored 3D printing technologies, we can produce highly polished, ornately decorated products and semi-finished products at a low price. Moreover, the production and delivery time is significantly short, measured in hours.

Our full-color 3D printing finds application in the automotive, aerospace, and yacht industries. We offer the production of finished products, components, and semi-products for the equipment, utility articles, or decorations.

Our advanced technology of full-color 3D printing allows us to produce elements with exceptional mechanical properties combined with unprecedented aesthetic qualities. Elements made with our 3D Printing technology are distinguished by a projecting, spatial texture. The tactile texture additionally enhances the empirical sensation. The combination of these properties creates a phenomenal effect of full-color spatial surface, which opens up completely new possibilities for using products made with our technology in many areas.

Worm gear with colorful, spatial texture

Colorful, 3D-printed flowerpot, decorated with tactile texture and original openwork

Fragment of a bracelet as an example of a movable element produced in the full-color 3D printing technology.

It is worth mentioning that apart from static elements, we can also create movable parts made in the process of printing. Therefore, we can deliver already assembled products, which do not require any further actions (e.g. joining).

Fragment of a bracelet as an example of a movable element produced in the full-color 3D printing technology.

The technology we use is perfect for creating all kinds of small elements requiring high precision, therefore it is ideal for creating various types of miniatures used in modeling. We can produce any amount of different types of models of houses, objects, figures, or animals, with high durability and resistance to weathering, in the full-color palette (with shading, gradients, etc.).

Miniature of the house (size 4cm) - full color, precise finish, and eye-catching details

High precision, tactile texture, and original design are attributes of our technology, which we use to produce unique jewelry components such as pins, rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces. Check out our offer on etsy.com>>

Owl-shaped necklace with a leather thong threaded through the feather holes.

We set new standards - full-color 3D printing in low-volume production

Our original technology of full-color 3D printing allows us to provide full-value products and semi-finished products in low series runs - thanks to which we can produce from 1 to even several thousand pieces a day and at the highest quality standard.

We can obtain many interesting effects and any texture - a surface imitating wood, stone, leather, etc.

By ordering products from us you have unlimited possibilities regarding textures, colors, and visual effects.

How does it go in practice? We are able to implement the most unusual projects for which the traditional solutions available so far were not enough.

We carry out orders for all kinds of products, where the following counts:

  • durable and resistant surface
  • spatial tactile texture
  • depth and intensity of colors, full range of colors of 3D elements
  • speed and low price of low volume production
  • no limitations related to the design and form.

Advantages of our full-color 3D printing technology

Other 3D printing technologies

Decard's innovative 3D printing technology

❌  Bulk colored products, pale colors (limited by the color of the printing material, resins or filament)

❌  Lack of shading and tonal transitions  

❌  Necessity of painting

❌  Low durability of the painted surface    

❌  Low resistance to grinding, damage, moisture

❌  Low color life

❌  Poor color quality of components

❌  Design limited by technology

❌  High cost of production 

❌  Long production time 

✅  Full color printing - saturated, vivid and deep colors.

✅  Possibility of shading, tones and gradients

✅  Full-color finished product

✅  Outstanding surface mechanical resistancei

✅  High resistance to damage and adverse conditions

✅  The colors are permanent and resistant to adverse conditions (they can be " removed" only by intensive grinding)

✅  Precise execution of every surface and texture 

✅  Unlimited design possibilities - any shapes, patterns, finishes

✅  Fast and cost-effective printing of any quantity of products

✅  Fast production and delivery time

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