Custom 3D buttons - a novelty among the haberdashery accessories

"Explore the possibilities of full-color 3D printing in the button making"

Deckard Design expands its wide range of products, with personalized buttons, made with full-color 3D printing technology. This is a unique opportunity for clothing manufacturers, to distinguish their products from the competition. 

Tailor-made buttons for your clothes

We meet the needs of clothing manufacturers who are looking for unique components to create extraordinary collections. Our offer of custom buttons is addressed mainly to customers who are not satisfied with what has been available on the textile market so far and want something exceptional. Thanks to full-color 3D printing technology, we are able to create buttons exactly as the customer requires. 

Custom 3D buttons with MSBHB logo. Custom 3D buttons with MSBHB logo.
Custom 3D buttons with MSBHB logo.

Innovative application of full-color 3D printing technology in the fashion industry

Usually, we associate buttons with flat, single-color 'plastic circles', with two or four holes for threading. In fact, the world of buttons is much richer - we can meet buttons made of different materials, in different shapes and colors.

Unfortunately, the production of something more sophisticated, exclusive, is usually limited to a few pieces or, on the contrary, production starts only from an order of over several thousand. All this generates a significantly higher price for such goods. Thanks to full-color 3D printing technology, Deckard Design is changing the face of this part of the textile industry by providing buttons that feature:

  • any shape
  • full range of colors
  • any tactile texture, e.g. imitating stone, wood, or concrete
  • any size
  • various types of fixing
  • water and damage resistance

In addition, we offer low- and high-volume production at attractive prices, and quick realization of orders even FROM 1 PIECE! We can easily create buttons especially for you - with your company logo and/or in its shape. Just click HERE.

Here are some examples of our projects

Examples of buttons made with full-color 3D printing technologyExamples of buttons made with full-color 3D printing technology
Examples of buttons made with full-color 3D printing technology
Buttons with tactile texture.Buttons with tactile texture.
Buttons with tactile texture.

The possibilities are almost endless. 3D printing technology enables the creation of structures that are impossible or extremely difficult to produce with traditional manufacturing techniques. Deckard Design uses 3D printers in its work, printing from eco-friendly light-curing resins. With their help, it is possible to create extremely complex shapes that can easily withstand the hardships of everyday use. Production costs are very low - 3D printers do not require casting molds or special tooling.

Create the buttons of your dreams with us 

We have unlimited design possibilities - we bring even the most unusual concepts to life, creating buttons of any shape, color, and visual effect. We are waiting for your idea. Email us if you are looking for a contractor of unique, personalized buttons or want to order ready-made products. 

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