One of the features of 3D printing is its wide range of applications. That's why it's perfect even for the clothing industry

Deckard Design offers a wide range of products - from stylish interior decorations, through colorful gadgets and elements for jewelry making, to unique clothing accessories. A special item in the manufacturer's offer, are charms for the popular Crocs shoes as well as their most popular imitations

Gaming shoe charms made with full-color 3D printing technology

‘Crocs’ is one of the largest footwear companies in the world, which owes its stunning success to the extremely simple, yet very functional shoes. Crocs are comfortable shoes for everyday use - they are shaped like slippers but, thanks to their characteristic design, they are suitable for many places and circumstances. They were originally developed as sailing shoes, but consumers soon discovered their special appeal and today you can see them on the feet of people doing all sorts of things - from gardening to working in big box stores to just walking around every day.

Charms display on a shoe in outdoor conditions

Some time ago, the company launched original ornaments for its shoes called "Jibbitz™ Shoe Charms", which are clipped into the holes of the shoes. Deckard Design decided to undertake the production of its own decorations of this type called "Deckard Shoe Charms", compatible not only with Crocs products but also with all other shoes of this type available on the market.

Innovative application of full-color 3D printing technology in the fashion industry

Other products of this type are usually made of hard rubber. Due to a number of technological limitations, their design is not very complex - the prints are rather limited in colors and their shapes are simple. Through a unique combination of photopolymer 3D printing technology and spatial texturing, Deckard Design is able to create alternatives that feature highly detailed, intricate patterns and tactile, raised textures. Furthermore, "Deckard Shoe Charms" are resistant to hot water and mechanical abrasion.

The charms hot water resistance test

The advantage of charms from Deckard Design over other brands

By using a full-color texture, the products don't need to be hand or spray painted, so the paints don't come off or fade during use. Once again, it's worth noting their unique tactile texture - something not possible with other charms - also created by Crocs. Due to the use of innovative production methods, the production of "Deckard Shoe Charms" is just as profitable for single orders as for large series. Producing 1-2 pieces of charms costs the same as hundreds - thousands of pieces. There is no need for casting/injection molds and no need for dedicated tooling. At the same time, Deckard Design can offer really attractive prices - more than four times less than the original Jibbitz™. "Deckard Shoe Charms" can be personalized as you wish - you can commission the production of charms with your own graphic motif or company/brand logo (as long as you do not violate anyone's copyright).

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