Our technology of 3D-like printing on metal opens up entirely new possibilities for companies, manufacturers, or craftsmen looking for personalized products with exceptional mechanical properties and outstanding aesthetics. We are changing the way metal components are produced by combining CNC techniques with 3D-like printing - this gives us the ability to create durable components with unique tactile textures and an incredible range and depth of colors.

What is important, the spatially textured metal elements produced by us have greater than average strength and high mechanical resistance, thanks to which they are widely used even in difficult conditions.

  • Any spatial design on the surface.

  • Vibrant, vivid colors, the possibility of shading and obtaining gradients.

  • Precision and excellent detailing.

  • Any shape and size.

  • Exceptional durability, high resistance to external atmospheric factors.

  • Versatile application, unlimited possibilities of using our products in many industries.

Wall decor - metal plate with 3D-like overprint

We combine artistic design with craftsman-like precision - 3D-like printing on metal

We take metal components to a new level of design and, thanks to innovative technologies, we can produce them quickly, precisely, and in a full palette of colors.

We obtain high-quality spatial texture, colored and cured during the application process - our technology allows us to create metal parts of exceptional aesthetic qualities, which can also serve as components of something more complex.

We guarantee a comprehensive service and full professionalism - we will prepare a suitable design, make a quotation, manufacture prototypes and finally deliver the final products.

  • We will adapt our technology to your needs and expectations
  • We will provide a fully functional prototype before serial production begins
  • We guarantee fast, efficient, and always on-time delivery
  • We offer services at attractive prices (low costs even for short series)
  • We enable production starting from one single item

Get inspired - see our technological possibilities of 3D printing on metal

Metal opener in the shape of a playing card with a spatial 3D-like effect texture.
A convex texture applied to a flat metal surface
Wall decors in the shape of butterflies - the surface of the wings is textured (tactile bumps)
Metal pendant with spatial texturing - components and semi-finished products for jewelry

Your project - our technology! Team up with us and develop your business by offering previously unavailable products

Our technology provides unlimited possibilities - we produce ready-made interior decorations, everyday objects with a completely new design, elements for making jewelry and other forms of handicraft, semi-finished products, and decorative components for making clocks, electronic devices, accessories, and all kinds of other goods.

We invite companies and manufacturers who want to distinguish their offer and create original, aesthetically stunning, quality and robust products that are new on the market to cooperate with us. We are open to new projects, regardless of the industry - our innovative technology of 3D printing on metal will allow you to open up new areas of the market and reach new customers. It gives us the possibility to offer low-batch production, starting even from one or a few pieces. We make fully personalised products, according to an individual project - with an unusual design and unprecedented quality and solidity.

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