Full-color 3D printing as an alternative for classic jewelry materials

Set of bracelets with textures imitating jeans, concrete and wood

Are classical jewelry-making materials always the only right choice?

Since ancient times, jewelry and decorative elements of clothing were made of precious metals, stones, or wood. Their attractiveness was determined both by the type of material used and the craft skills of the maker. Prices of such products have always reached huge figures, representing works of art - many of them have survived for centuries and are now valuable exhibits in the world's largest museums and art galleries.

Unfortunately, unique jewelry or fashion accessories have some pretty significant drawbacks from the average person's point of view. The first is obviously their price, which for the vast majority of people is beyond financial reach - the more unique and individual something is, the higher the cost of production becomes. On the other hand, with much cheaper mass production, goods of this type are hardly original and are lost in the flood of similar items. Another issue is technological limitations - if we want to obtain a decoration with a unique shape or geometry, it usually turns out that making it out of wood, stone or even metal is simply impossible or very difficult. What can be done to combine these seemingly incompatible things? The answer may be the technology of full-color 3D printing...

Innovation in the jewelry industry - 3D semi-products with surfaces imitating various materials

Deckard Design specializes in advanced, unprecedented manufacturing methods. Through the use of high-tech technology and specialized equipment, the company creates unique full-color textured items that are highly durable and resistant to most of the mechanical damage that can occur during everyday use. Those innovative solutions allow us to create cost-effective jewelry and fashion accessories of any geometry. Furthermore, low production costs apply both to single items and large production runs of hundreds or thousands of pieces.

3D printing technology allows us to create structures that are impossible or extremely difficult to make using traditional manufacturing techniques. Deckard Design uses 3D printers that print using light-cured resins, which have been widely used in jewelry (as well as dentistry and industry) for over 30 years. With their help, it is possible to create extremely complex shapes, which are also durable as decorative objects for everyday use. Production costs are very low - 3D printers do not require casting molds or special tooling. The cost of producing 10 pieces of one object is identical to the cost of producing 10 pieces of different objects (provided that they do not differ significantly in size).

Using a special spatial texturing technique, Deckard Design is able to reproduce virtually any color and texture - wood, stone (including concrete, not available in the world of jewelry or fashion accessories), and... denim! The unique surface not only perfectly reproduces the color of the material, but also its texture - at first glance, you cannot tell the difference. Manufactured products have another important advantage, often overlooked when making purchasing decisions - they are very light, which in the case of jewelry or selected fashion accessories has an important functional significance. What can be produced with such a technological solution? The possibilities are endless…

Deckard Design specializes primarily in:

  • production of unique elements for jewelry
  • production of unique fashion accessories (buttons, pins, shoe charms, etc.)
  • home-decor products.

What distinguishes Deckard Design products are primarily:

  • a full-color palette, with deep and vivid colors
  • a unique texture - the effect of wood, stone, denim, leather, and any other texture perceptible by touch
  • various types of finishing - matt, semi-gloss or glossy
  • durability and strength - materials resistant to water and mechanical damage are used in production
  • excellent detailing, and exceptional precision.

Deckard Design has endless design possibilities - bringing even the most unusual concepts to life, creating products of every shape, color, and visual effect. We are waiting for your idea. Write to us if you are looking for a contractor for unique jewelry semi-finished products or if you want to order ready-made elements.

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