Monthly Archives: May 2022

  1. Full-color 3D printing - innovative technology in the production of synthetic semi-products


    The innovative technology of full-color 3D printing creates completely new opportunities for companies from various industries. It is in fact a milestone of sorts, as there is no limitation in terms of color - we can create full-color 3D printing with shading, and color toning, with above-average and remarkable mechanical properties. Thanks to the technology we use, full-color elements made of various types of synthetic materials can be used as components or finished products, which in addition to their utility value, will also feature a beautiful design. In addition, we are able to produce small series of products at a low cost.

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  2. 3D-like printing on metal - unprecedented possibilities, full-color components of high durability


    Our technology of 3D-like printing on metal opens up entirely new possibilities for companies, manufacturers, or craftsmen looking for personalized products with exceptional mechanical properties and outstanding aesthetics. We are changing the way metal components are produced by combining CNC techniques with 3D-like printing - this gives us the ability to create durable components with unique tactile textures and an incredible range and depth of colors.

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