1. The colorful evolution of full-color 3D printing

    The colorful evolution of full-color 3D printing

    We are well aware of the great role played by colors. Their proper selection and application affect not only aesthetic qualities but also brand identification, which in today’s world plays an extremely important role.

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  2. Full personalization has never been this easy

    Full personalization has never been this easy

    Thanks to full-color 3D printing technology, we can, easily and affordably, create fully personalized pieces for jewelry and clothing. This way, we demonstrate that 3D printing is not only about large individual pieces, but also the opportunity to produce several or hundreds of smaller custom pieces quickly.

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  3. GREENFILL3D and Deckard Design join forces to produce 3D printed, full-color applications from natural materials

    GREENFILL3D and Deckard Design join forces to produce 3D printed, full-color applications from natural materials

    GREENFILL3D - a Polish startup specializing in the production of applications in 3D printing technology using proprietary green materials based on wheat bran, announced the strategic cooperation with Deckard Design, the company producing full-color lifestyle accessories made of metal and photopolymer resins.

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  4. Custom 3D buttons - a novelty among the haberdashery accessories

    Custom 3D buttons - a novelty among the haberdashery accessories

    Deckard Design expands its wide range of products, with personalized buttons, made with full-color 3D printing technology. This is a unique opportunity for clothing manufacturers, to distinguish their products from the competition.

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  5. Familiar products - innovative solutions

    Familiar products - innovative solutions

    The old saying goes that the devil is in the details, and it's hard to argue with that. Here at Deckard Design, we know how important the details are in life, so when we create well-known products, in an uncharted way, we make sure that their functionality is matched by exceptional design.

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  6. Transparent jewelry with colorful accents, - the combination of photopolymer 3D printing with 2.5D spatial texture


    Deckard Design - a manufacturer of innovative decorations, gadgets, and jewelry supplies, uses many different creative techniques to make its products unique. By combining full-color, spatial texture, and photopolymer 3D printing technology, Deckard’s team creates unusual applications with the effect of transparency.

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  7. Full-color, tactile textures on metal - including aluminum and copper


    Indestructible bottle openers, keychains, inimitable decorative cards, incense holders, tea-light stands, plant tags, and monumental wall decors - all in full space color printed on high-quality stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Deckard Design uses original technology to produce spectacular decorations and metal objects that combine incredible design with exceptional strength and durability.

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  8. 3D jewelry and fashion accessories made of denim, stone, or wood?


    Deckard Design produces globally unique jewelry and fashion accessories that imitate denim, stone, or wood. The products are not only exceptional in terms of shape, color, and finish, but also very affordable and can be manufactured on an individual basis. 

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  9. Full-color tactile Crocs charms


    One of the features of 3D printing is its wide range of applications. That's why it's perfect even for the clothing industry. Deckard Design offers a wide range of products - from stylish interior decorations, through colorful gadgets and elements for jewelry making, to unique clothing accessories. A special item in the manufacturer's offer, are charms for the popular Crocs shoes as well as their most popular imitations

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  10. Full-color 3D printing - innovative technology in the production of synthetic semi-products


    The innovative technology of full-color 3D printing creates completely new opportunities for companies from various industries. It is in fact a milestone of sorts, as there is no limitation in terms of color - we can create full-color 3D printing with shading, and color toning, with above-average and remarkable mechanical properties. Thanks to the technology we use, full-color elements made of various types of synthetic materials can be used as components or finished products, which in addition to their utility value, will also feature a beautiful design. In addition, we are able to produce small series of products at a low cost.

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