Deckard Design – the magic is in the details. Feel them

We have a mission.
We want to give you EMOTIONS. Move, delight, surprise pleasantly. Make a smile and move the heart.
Give you a tool that will make your life easier and more colorful.
Give something extraordinary that you can give to a special person.

We create exclusive gadgets, home decorations, garden decorations that:

You can really FEEL. When you run your finger on the convex surface, you feel every little detail: rose petals, owl feathers, planetary systems. You close your eyes and set off on a cosmic journey to a magical garden, feel the breeze on your motorcycle and the adrenaline rush of a poker tournament. When you hold unique gadgets and decorations in your hand, you also feel the heavy, massive metal that emphasizes their luxury.

They will put you in DELIGHT. Beautiful, intense colors, metallic shine, an explosion of details, various motifs / patterns will make you not take your eyes off them. You will admire them, you will think, you will awaken pleasant memories and create a deep bond - exclusive gadgets and accessories will become part of you, they will express you and share unforgettable moments with you.

They will make your DAILY EVERYDAY easier and more enjoyable. You can easily open each bottle and make a toast in style. You will light an incense stick on a beautiful stand and indulge in a magical moment. Colorful butterflies on the wall will keep the summer at home, and you will lie down on a green meadow and feel the pleasant rays of the sun. You will organize your herbs and create a modern garden.

People close to YOUR HEART will love. Imagine you are giving your loved one a luxurious gift and you see that sparkle in your eye and that wide smile that betrays everything. There is nothing more beautiful. You can feel it together.

Our decorations and gadgets are admired and touched. It is a real journey into the world of the senses ...

Bottle openers

Open the party in Style

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Incense stands

Light up for a sensual moment

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Home decoration

Keep the colorful summer at home

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Garden decorations

Let the garden bloom with luxury

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Be part of our magic. Let us fulfill the mission of giving emotions

We don't want to give away products. We want to give EMOTIONS. If you count on it too, you need it badly, trust us. Feel free to call us and write to us. We will tell you about our products, help you choose the best gadget for a gift, we will propose the best garden decoration or home decoration that will awaken real emotions in you.